Next generation of positive turning inserts

CoroTurn 107 for dedicated turning

  • ISO standard

  • Reduce your machine stoppages
    thanks to improved chip- breaking capacity

  • Improves component quality
    and surface fininsh thanks to the positive and sharper cutting edge.

  • Easy identification
    thanks to lasermarked inserts.
CoroTurn 107 represents a new product range in the positive area. The system is mainly used for external turning of small, long or slender components, and internal operations in smaller bore diameters (16-75 mm). In time, the concept will replace our current T-MAX-U system.

A 7-degree clearance angle and the fact that the inserts are optimised
  to have peakperformace in their respective area, give you a more soft cutting action. This counteracts vibration, gives better surface finish and enables you to hold close tolerances. The chip breaking capabilities are also significantly improved to ensure unobstructed chip flow.  
What is CoroTurn?
The CoroTurn concept is our new brand of modern inserts and holders in the positive and negative area of general turning.
CoroTurn 107 is the first step in this family that will progressively embrace most of Coromant´s high performance tools.

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