A technological breakthrough that will change the way you machine steel!

New grades for faster Steel turning!

With our new top performers in this area, new GC4015 and new GC35, we offer you the best grades on the market. For example we have completely redesigned the original GC4015 steel machining grade so you can increase cutting speeds by at least 20% - guaranteed!

A complete family
with all possibilities to increase productivity in steel turning!
A totally redesigned grade for high cutting temperatures in P15 area.
A tough and secure grade for general purpose machining.
A completely new grade for tough conditions with maximum security.
Double feed or twice as good surface finish with our Wiper geometries.

Don´t forget to crank up the speed

You may already be using new Ultraspeed GC4015. Sure, it still performs flawlessly in your current applications, just like the original GC4015.

But if you are using the new grades and haven´t increased your cutting speed - then you´re missing out on huge productivity gains!

The new substrate and coating technology allows you to increase your cutting speeds by at least 20%.

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